About us

Edgy activewear with the softest touch, founded by Linn Lowes

This brand means everything to me. I have poured my heart into it’s creation for the past 4 years. Stacci is so much more than exceptional activewear.

The name Stacci is short for Anastacia, which in Greek has a meaning of resurrection. It means coming back to LIFE. We all face hardships and they become the catalyst in our journey.

I battled cancer. I won that battle and I won back life. Stacci represents a strong and fearless female who stands up and fights for what she believes in. She takes no shit but shares her love and light with the world.

Stacci represents LIFE, the journey and the evolution of becoming who we are meant to be.

Stacci is:

  • Fierce on the outside yet sweet and buttery soft on the inside.
  • Fearless of showing off her hard earned curves but prefer to keep her best parts supportive and in place.
  • Unapologetically herself whether she is doing yoga in the sunset or pumping iron in the gym.